The Perfect natural eyebrow threading method of divas brow

The Perfect natural eyebrow threading method of divas brow

eyebrow threading

There are few methods of eyebrow threading but all are not perfect and safe for everyone. Here at Divas Brow we use the perfect and very accurate method for eyebrow threading which gives the best result always. 

Full and distinct eyebrows are very in trend right now, but shaping them every single day is not something anyone enjoys doing. Because a lot of women ask us about the various methods of eyebrow threading, so here we giving you our best method for eyebrow threading step by step.


First of all we do clean the brows and eyebrow area, excluding eyelids and lashes (yes, you can come wearing eye makeup, as example if you come directly from your workplace ).


We choose the right eyebrow colour between 5 different shades, or the already mixed shades that they have, to best match your natural hair colour and skin tone. After that, they completely cover the eyebrows with the chosen dye. This way the small unnoticeable light or grey hairs become visible, and the brows appear naturally full. The eyebrows dont get bleached, instead the intensity is reduced by cutting.


Then our expert very precisely measures and determines the optimal length and shape of the eyebrows. For that she uses a thread and a pair of compasses, instead of just lining everything with a pencil, so that the measurements are thorough and precise.


Firstly the hairs that are too long, get shortened with small scissors. With a specially prepared wax, they get rid of the majority of the access hairs around the wanted eyebrow shape. Then the remaining fluff around the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose gets threaded. At the end, the remaining access individual hairs are removed with tweezers.


With a special gel, they soothe the area around the bows, and cover the redness using a corrector.


At the end, the eyebrows are further accentuated with a shadow to fill possible holes. Using a ruler is optional.


As in outcome of this natural eyebrow threading process you will get the perfect and noticeable eyebrow without any harm or side effect.

Divas Brow has large number of satisfied clients who visits often for our services. Our all clients recommends us for getting eyebrow threading service and also for other services like eyelash extensions and henna art too.