Why Divas Brow Salon is Best?

Divas Brow opened its doors in 2007. When we decided to open a beauty salon my main focus was to introduce traditi

Why threading is better than Waxing?

Eyebrow Threading is being very popular and easy method to remove hair. Threading method does not use any chemical while remove hair unlike waxing? Divas Bro offers best and professional eyeb

How To Do Henna Art On Your Hand

What is henna? It is plant which contains lawsone, a pigment which when combined with proteins it causes staining. The paste is made from dried, powdered leaves of the henna plant and is well known for it.

Eyebrow threading: How to find best service?

Nicely groomed eyebrows ca

The Perfect natural eyebrow threading method of divas brow


why eyebrow threading is first choice among other methods